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Although this issue of CALIPER is free, most of the content, and the publishing work that goes into it, takes place on Indigenous lands.

We urge you to direct the fifteen dollars that would otherwise go to purchasing our publication to Indigenous-led organisations.

Below is a link to various websites and Indigenous organisations compiled by Louis Anderson Mokak, follow him @blak.cuda on Instagram.

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Our public spaces lie abandoned.

Our rituals severed, forced to be rebuilt.

Our homes become the boundaries of our new world – for some, comforting, for others isolating and cruel.

The digital realm takes on new significance, encapsulating our office, social space and leisure area in one.
We ask you to share your thoughts, feelings, anxieties. Show your creative endeavours while stuck at home, your philosophical musings as you are forced to spend time with yourself.

What do our public spaces become when unused? How does our definition of home and life begin to shift in this new condition?
What does it mean to practise and study architecture while stuck in the confines of only one building? This issue asks – what will change when this is all over?
What will stay the same? And what does SHIFT mean when we live in a constant state of limbo, a space of the in-between, uncertain and ever-changing?

What will be there in the end?